We live our values
and create values


entrepreneurially thinking and acting, pragmatic

taking responsibility and acting responsibly

trustworthiness, value-conservative

grosso holding is an investment holding company in which Dr. Erhard F. Grossnigg holds a majority stake. The Vienna-based company was founded in 1992.
The investment focus of grosso holding is on old-economy companies. Financial, IT and technology companies as well as companies in the automotive supply industry are also part of the portfolio and are of interest. The old-economy companies are primarily held jointly with Austro Holding GmbH.

The investment objective of grosso holding is long-term. Investments are generally held together for a long period of time; healthy development and sustainable asset growth are the primary objectives.

Some selected investments from the portfolio are shown below with links to the companies’ websites.

portfolio (in extracts)


trust, decency and respect
to our employees,
customers, suppliers and partners

reliability and predictability
as well as openness, honesty and transparency

tolerance and a sense of proportion


Dr. Erhard F. Grossnigg
(since 1992)
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Mag. Kerstin Gelbmann
(since 2010)
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Mag. Claudia Badstöber
(since 2019)
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Ing. Walter Karger
(since 2015)
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Franz Iglseder, LL.B., MSC.
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Mag. Melanie Edlinger, B.A.
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Marco Bekavac-Ramsbacher, MSC.
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